Magic Instruction

Learn How to Do Magic!

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You can learn how to enterain others with magic! Mr. Palur can teach you everything from the rudimentary basics of slight-of-hand to professional showmanship and stage presence. While magic is a fun and rewarding hobby, it can also be a lucrative profession. Jack can teach you the business side of "show business" and help you get paid gigs!

Jack will give you "hands-on" lessons that will cover the methods, utilitarian moves, and the presentation of each trick. When you are finished you will have the confidence and know-how to fool the best of them!

These are great skills for adults such as bartenders, school teachers, librarians, summer camp counselors, day-care providers, actors, comedians, and even CEO's of large corporations.

Learning how to do magic is especially good for kids. It builds self-esteem, introduces them to a wonderful, wholesome hobby, and improves their manual dexterity. Many children interested in magic at an early age grow up to become multi-million dollar performers! It is simply a great way of making a living!

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Lessons are arranged to you schedule. You can set as many or as few lessons as you wish. Meet once a mont or once a day; in the evenings or in the mornings; whenever it is convenient to you! Jack can adapt to any students schedule and learning needs.

Lessons are minimally an hour, but can last longer if you wish. You will not just learn the "secret" of a trick. You will come to understand the presentation and how you can affect the audience's lives with entertainment.

Lessons are by appointment only - call today for open dates and rates!

For Schools, Libraries, and other youth organizations. . .

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Magician Jack Palur offers a great program for kids between the ages of 7 and 18! It is an hour-long presentation teaching the basics of close-up magic. It includes the use of everyday objects, utility moves to develop dexterity and build a magic act, as well as showmanship and the fundamentals of magic performance. Each participant will learn two to four full tricks and witness many more slight of hand routines right under their noses.

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There is no stage or fancy props, just one-on-one instruction on how to become a magician or a better performer. Mr. Palur has been teaching his mini-course in schools and libraries in the Northern Ohio are for over 25 years. He can work with recommended books, study programs, and/or customize the presentation to meet the needs of the participants.

This is "hands-on" training where each student uses the necessary props to produce miracles on their own. Kids will build confidence and learns showmanship as well as some of the history behind magic as a performance art.