Close-up Magic and Comedy

Need Some Great Entertainment?

Jack Palur in tuxedo photograph.

Magician Jack Palur will be happy to entertain you and your guests with professional prestidigitation at your next party or event. Jack uses irreverent comedy and storytelling to present close-up magic in a very entertaining way. With and extensive repertoire of close-up sleight of hand, Jack can bring intimate and audience involved entertainment to your next event. He requires no stage, electricity, or set up of any kind. He hops guest to guest, table to table, or room to room all night long using common items such as playing cards and coins produced from his pockets.

Jack has been entertaining audiences with sleight of hand for over 45 years. He performs for kids as the character "Professor Fineous" and also plays Amil Kaputska in the stage show "The Kaputska Brothers Extraordinary Magical Extravaganza!"

Hand holding playing cards image

Jack has taught magic for the past 15 years, founded several magic clubs, and has been performing in local clubs and pubs for most of his life. He is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians. He and his family live in Sheffield Lake, Ohio.

Close-up magic and comedy are arts that a person must be exposed to at least once in their life. It is simply astounding to see magic right under your nose! Give Jack a call right away - dates are being booked fast!

Right Under Your Nose!

Light . . . Versatile . . . Engaging

Jack's brand of close-up magic and comedy can serve as the main attraction for a party or event or as supplemental entertainment at larger events. Mr. Palur is very "lightweight," versatile, and inexpensive. Other benefits include:

  • Astonishing, professional, and courteous entertainment right under you guests noses! Hilarious comedy and fun stories! They will be talking about it for months!
  • Guest involvement with every wonderful illusion! Everyone can participate and no one will be made a fool (except maybe Jack!).
  • Jack can involve specific guests like birthday honorees or anniversary couples. He'll do specific magic just for them.
  • Improvisational routines allow for flexibility of timing to match the schedule of any event. There is no minimum or required performance time.
  • No sound, electrical, stage or lighting requirements. Being a "self-contained" magician, Mr. Palur can adapt to any situation.
  • Works as supplemental entertainment at events where audiences or guests could use some entertainment while waiting on show preparation or in lines.
  • Less expensive than DJ's, bands, or other entertainers. Magical comedy is really a great value!
  • Close-up magic and comedy is best for adults but can be adapted for any children present at a party or event.
  • In pubs and restaurants the entertainment encourages a repeat customer base. Customers can be entertained while waiting at the door or for their meals. Weekly performances can be arranged if desired.
  • Great for icebreakers! This type of entertainment allows people who may not know each other to loosen up and mingle more freely.
  • At wedding receptions guests can be entertained while waiting for traditional reception events.
  • For business events, Jack can include company information into his program for added promotional value.
  • Jack has special holiday illusions that are perfect for Christmas, New Years, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and other special occasions.