Amil Kaputska

Amil Kaputska

Amil Kaputska's "Capers and High Jinks" is a traveling magic show, featuring the talents of Amil Kaputska, prestidigitator and scoundrel. This intrepid performer has pieced together an entertaining one hour show of magic and mayhem, that includes music, comedy, illusions, mind reading, and lots of audience participation.

Although he may not have a complete grasp on the English language, Amil does eventually do real magic, performing feats of legerdemain and skilled slight of hand. Now if he could just get a handle on his little drinking problem...

This is a high energy show that borrows heavily from the vaudeville days, has a dash of cabaret, and reeks of silly comedy mayhem. What Amil will do for a green card is astonishing! This is simply a hysterically funny show!

Many good things I do for you!

Amil Kaputska

Amil Kaputska's "Capers and High Jinks" is a full magic show that lasts around one hour. This is perfect entertainment for private parties, corporate banquets or other events. Audiences can range in size from as few as 10 to up to 200 people. Amil can work in homes, colleges, private clubs, theater venues, comedy clubs, military bases, and any other location where events are held. There is a lot of audience participation and many guests will be asked to help Amil in his shenanigans. Keep in mind the show is rated PG-13 for general bawdiness but there is nothing horribly offensive. This is an adult show, so we recommend that no one under 13 attend.

Amil Kaputska comes with everything needed for a night full of fun, including his own sound system. Although a stage is not required, he does need a space that is at least 10 feet by 10 feet big. The audience should be seated theater style, with everyone facing in one direction towards the performer. The audience will need access to the performance area for volunteer participation.

Amil Kaputska's "Capers and High Jinks" combines slapstick, comedy magic, and hilarious shtick from the very creative entertainer, Jack Palur. This combination of magic, music, and comedy is quite extraordinary. Jack has over 45 years of entertainment experience!