You Will Believe!

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Haunt is a company of professional performers who love to entertain audiences with inventive magical illusions, special effects, and good old-fashioned ghost stories. We will travel to any location, bringing props, audio and visual equipment, and other frightening devices to create an evening of fun and fright. Although private homes are best, we can adapt to almost any location, creating and atmosphere of trepidation and intrigue. We can find ghosts in the most unlikely places like homes, hotels, bed and breakfasts, motels, and even rental halls.

You and your guests will participate in a ghost hunt, room to room, experiment to experiment, uncovering evidence and experiencing contact with the undead. You won't believe your eyes as ghosts play tricks on your friends and family, speak from beyond, and perhaps even appear in your event's location. Experiments are performed with shocking results, and everyone gets involved in this highly entertaining ghost hunt!

Trust us, at the end of the evening, you will believe!

The Haunt Experience

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The Haunt event is perfect for intimate parties throughout the year. Obviously, Haunt is extremely popular around the Halloween season. If you are thinking about a very special Halloween party using Haunt, please conact us at least a month or more in advance. A Haunt event is something that none of your guests will ever froget. Everybody is involved and right in the action. Our professional actors will convincingly entertain everyone at your event. This show draws people together both in trepidation and with laughs.

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When you schedule us for a show, we arrive at your location early and go over the details with you. We set up our props and ghost hunting equipment and prepare for an evening your guests will never forget! When all of your friends and/or family arrive, we begin our ghost hunt. A host will guide your guests to several different rooms, conducting experiments to track the "paranormal activities" in each location. They will hear ghostly sounds, see paranormal activity, examine ethereal evidence, and participate in spirit tests that will have them believeing in ghosts. Everyone will get involved, becoming ghost hunters and feeling the ghostly evidence of the netherworlds! Your guests will be mystified and probably alarmed as the findings are "proof positive." The evening will end with a great séance where a trained psychic will attempt to contact the land of the dead and put the spirits to rest. This climactic, theatrical ending will have your guests screaming in delight!

Haunt Logistics

For Haunt to work optimally at your next party, there are some basic requirements. Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests involving or in addition to these requirements.

  • Haunt is a professional entertainment company that is insured by a contractual agreement. For your safety and ours, we will mail you a contract that guarantees your event's date. Please, as with all party entertainment, make sure your location is "party safe."
  • Haunt is appropriate for no less than 5 and no more than 40 guests. This is an intimate show which can lose it's "magic" in front of larger crowds. The ideal size is 25 guests.
  • Please note that Haunt is not appropriate for children under 16 years of age, anyone in poor health, or that may be easily frightened.
  • We need at least a half hour to set up before the performance, uninterrupted by guests. If you or your guests watch the set up, it will spoil the "magic" and your fun. Be sure to emphasize to your guests to arrive no earlier than the appointed time.
  • You may serve food before or after this two hour show. Please, no formal dining during the show. Munchies and drinks are fine, but it is best if your guests can pay full attention so they won't miss a thing! Guests may imbibe "spirits" so long as they are not too "spirited" to enjoy the fun.
  • Haunt must be performed indoors. Though we can work halls and other public places, we prefer private homes or hotels. Bed and Breakfast Inns are ideal!
  • We need 3 to 4 separate rooms. Haunt is a ghost hunt and we need to roam freely as a group throughout the evening. Please make several different rooms accessible. They can include living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, attics, basements, garages, ext. . . . Keep in mind that your entire guest count will need to be in these rooms all at the same time. We will be setting up special magical props in these rooms before the event, so we will need access to them without the attention of guests.
  • One of the areas needs to have a table and an electrical outlet. A dining room table cleared of debris is best. However, it may be a table of any size, anywhere at your location, so long as there is also an electrical outlet in that same room.
  • Your personal Haunt representative will go over all details of the logistics for the evening.