Professor Fineous

Who the heck is Professor Fineous?

Professor Fineous Mildew-heimer image

Magician Jack Palur plays "Professor Fineous Mildew-heimer," the irreverent and comical Professor of Archeology and World Explorer. Equipped with adventuring tools, the Professor has traveled all over the world to find magical treasures that have the most amazing experimental results! The Professor and his Assistant, Ms. Penny Wiggle, will involve your kids in most of the tricks. He uses sidesplitting comedy appropriate for children of all ages. It is uproarious fun!

Packy the Pachyderm image

The Professor brings along many of his animal friends that he has met along his journeys. Near the end of the show your kids will be really surprised when the Professor produces a 150 pound baby elephant puppet! This show stealer is named "Packy" and after some comical antics, Packy actually performs some magic, too!

Let the Professor make YOU your child's hero by having him perform at their next party! Please book early, for the Professor schedules weeks in advance.

See him in action!

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Expedition Details

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Jack Palur is a courteous and professional magician with over 40 years of experience. Each performance includes comedy, music, puppetry, and magic with plenty of audience participation. The Professor will be sure to involve specific guests, like birthday honorees! And each child that attends will receive a free Magic Wand with two tricks inside!

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Miss Penny Wiggle will help get children settled before the show. Once the performance starts both children and adults will be "spellbound" by the clean, wholesome entertainment offered by Professor Fineous! With exotic and educational props, puppets that perform magic, and a high energy performance this is sure to be an event you and your children will remember for a lifetime!

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The show generally runs about 45 minutes with no breaks, but timing can match whatever needs you may have. Just ask! There are no sound, stage, or lighting requirements for home parties. While Professor Fineous appeals to all ages, the show is loved most by children between ages 3 and 12. This performance is designed for birthday parties, classroom rewards, summer programs, and can be adapted with special themes for organizations such as Boy Scouts, libraries, or holiday events.